Tuesday, August 25, 2009

testing muuusic!

the rhythms are off, the levels are waaay too low and 
it really just sounds kinda crap. but the ideas are there right?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

You kids are all WARPED!

Minds corrupted, energies outpouring the angst of youth, miniature rebellions, studs, patches and mohawks. All filled into one sweaty, dusty, feircely revolving circle pit. Welcome to Warped Tour. Well, the remainder of the real punks at warped tour that is...and all gathered at the "old school" stage..or "punk rock legends" area. it's a trip back the 70s...and i liiike it. no i love it. i feel it's where i belong.

POSITIVITIES: All that good stuff.

 -parking my car away from the crowd, in a shopping mall lot for free and riding my bike in...thus escaping all the traffic and $20 parking charge. love it.

-getting in for free (and skipping the horrendous line)! yay work!

-7 yr old girl skatin in the half pipe.

-talking with cool guy from Amnesty International and swapping artistic ideas on how to change the world.

-happy mosh pit antics and skankin, shoe skipping punkers

-guy in the mosh pit remembering me from Ventura. we punks have a connection yah.

-performers who crowd surf ...breakin that 4th wall allll day long


-packed lunch

-i got a press/photo pass (!!!) randomly from this awesome lady that just started chatting with me.

-amazing pictures granted by sweet sweet press pass (!!!)


-Edward Colver (http://edwardcolver.com/) remembering me from Ventura (Rusty?? i kinda like that as a nickname)

-hanging out and talking with all the old school bands. nicest, coolest guys ever.

-collecting awesome patches from awesome old school bands. my jackets and other random articles of clothing can now be properly punked out.

-last day of the tour: scoring a free shirt from a merch guy tearing his booth down the throwing shirts out to anyone lucky enough to be in the vicinity.

-free beer from Ch3 dudes. i needed that!

-buying vinyl from the actual artists....

-glitter still falling out of my hair while i type, from the kickass crazy performance by the Addicts

-inspired to bleach my hair, dye it and mohwak it. watch out mom. i might just do it this time.

Negativity: There's always a bit

-insanely crowded; people littering shit all over the ground

-partial work day, partial fun day, makes for a carefully choreographed runaround involving a roll of tape, posters, stickers, a camera, mailing lists and attempts to catch my favorite bands. (i did pretty well i must say so maybe this should be a positive)

-getting my feet trampled to bits in the pit; semi-realization that when i remove my shoes my toes and respective toenails may all be crushed and bloody (where da hell are my steal toed sneakers when i need em?!)

-other people's sweat on you (mosh pits are not just all over your personal space...but your whole personal body space as well...thank you mr. badass with no shirt. your tattoos are not keeping the moisture off of me...)

-getting reamed in the back of the head by a crowd surfer.   multiple times.

-90 degree heat; wiping the sweat from your brow only to notice that it's brown.

-merch lady gave me 2008 edition of Addicts album instead of the original release of '79. booo..i was in too giddy concert mode to notice at the time. these things matter to crazy collectors like meself!

-clever bike plan foiled by the asshole that stole my seat. yep...my seat was gone upon return to my favorite mode of transport.

-peddling back to car standing up proves more difficult than i first anticipated....imagine it like peddling up a hill for 10 minutes straight.

really the yays and nays could all mixed in together cause sometimes it's the stuff you hate most that makes the experience. and that makes me love every bit of the punk rockin day. even the lingering sweat smelling, shirt stained, dirt covered kid i am sitting here typing away still on my concert high. beer helps too.