Monday, October 26, 2009

Boardin' for the Cure!

Me legs and a skateboard. 19 miles. 19 miles along the coast. Santa Monica to Redondo. Pier to pier. On a skateboard. Statement, not a question. Yup, this was how i spent my most recent Saturday. 19 miles on a skateboard, pushin' along the boardwalk, all in the name of a fantastic cause: we were boarding for breast cancer...boarding for the cure!  I first heard of B4BC at Warped Tour a few years ago and now turns out that i work next door to the girls who work the traveling B4BC booth that spreads awareness and education. It's a great organization that encourages awareness of breast cancer and prevention through an active lifestyle, healthy diet and eco-friendly way of life (check out the website for more info if you're interested! I fundraised a bunch online and included the link above if you'd like to will only be open for another week or so...any amount would kick!

The event day started out at an hour too early for my body to consciously recognize. But immediately upon rolling up to the Redondo parking lot, backpack full of skate survival supplies (ie snacks, helmet, water, blister kit), where we'd be bussed to the Santa Monica pier, the vibe was friendly and excited all over, which helped mask the drowsy lethargy hiding beneath in my 4 hours of sleep (see previous blog entry). Everyone was full of stoke from the onset...such a great vibe! A little anxious too though.... would we still be standing at mile 19 or on our knees pushing like a 2 yr-old? Serious issues to ponder. There were all types of wheels involved prepared to roll down the boardwalk: rollerblades, roller skates, bicycles, and of course, skateboards of all shapes and sizes. As we pushed off, i knew it would be an epic day. Clear blue skies, the sun shining, waves pounding, and a bunch of kids just as excited and smiley as i was.

And we didn't just haul ass through the thing...although, damn can some of those guys and gals push! Oh ya, did I mention that one of the sponsors was Red Bull (how do they manage to get into every sporting event really?), so some of the kids were hopped up on, oh say, 10 of them. Free, remember. There were a number of these "hydration-station" stops to refuel on drinks (yes, there was actual water too), energy bars, and the general goof off session vibe that's bound to happen with a bunch of skaters. Posing for pictures with skateboards raised high, replacing "cheese!" with "boooobies!" was all part of the day. i'd hear the ocean in one ear, the whir of skateboard wheels scooting through sandy sidewalks, and shouts of "save the ta-ta's!" in the other ear. Comforting sounds.

As I looked in front and in back of me I saw a winding snake of wheeling participants dotted along an incredible backdrop of sand, sun and surf. There was no better place to be that day. And as we skated across the finish line, hands held high (had to pose for more pictures of course) we knew we'd contributed to something awesome. We were indeed still standing, and smiling...just as ready for next year. (when we'd also be fit to walk again). I will now increase the cheese factor and say we put the fun! in fundraiser...but it really was the best way to spend four hours on four polyurethane wheels.  There were also fundraising prizes given out and I was completely blown away when I won a beautiful, brand new longboard. I still can't believe it! Thank you to all the generous was all you! I can only hope that next time around more people turn out ( I will surely be rollin' up on that sweet longboard!) and raise even more money for a toootally righteous cause....

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